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VPN Monitor Dot
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10/24/22 - Story behind this app:

For a long time there was a popular app that was free to use by everyone. Then recently the app suddenly displayed a message stating that a mandatory update was required.
This update basically changed the app into a trial version that expired within hours after installing it. To continue using the app, the company now wants a monthly fee!

So, because
they got greedy and decided to screw over their users by disabling everyone's app without notice, I decided to return the favor by creating my own app and giving it away for FREE!*

Their loss, your gain.

...and please enjoy my retro webpage design :)

Check out TechDoctorUK's review of VPN Monitor Dot:

How will VPN Monitor Dot help protect my Privacy?

VPN's help protect your privacy when you are on the internet. But they can only do that when they are working properly.
Even if a VPN has it's "Auto-Start" feature enabled, there is no guarantee that it will properly run 100% of the time when you power on/bootup your device.

And even when a VPN is running properly, it may suddenly disconnect or crash even hours later without giving you any warning!

This is why using VPN Monitor Dot is so important

VPN Monitor Dot will continuously monitor your VPN connection and let you know it's working by displaying a status "Dot" in the top right corner of your screen...

When you ARE being protected by your VPN, the app will slowly flash a GREEN dot:

But when you are NOT being protected by your VPN (because the VPN is not turned on or it crashed), then the app will slowly flash a RED dot:


----- VPN Monitor Dot vs. the "Other Guy's" app -----

1) Why does the "Other Guy's" app need Read/Write Access Permission to my device's photo/files Storage?

I have no idea why the other app needs it, but keep in mind that because their app also has internet access,
it could theoretically add/delete or send your files to a remote cloud server without your knowledge or approval!

VPN Monitor Dot does not need this potentially dangerous permission in order to fully protect you :)

2) VPN Monitor Dot was designed in a highly efficient way to minimize it's memory/resource footprint.
Just see the difference for yourself:

The Other Guy's

---- vs. ----

VPN Monitor Dot APK size:
200kb (0.2MB)


Size does matter, and being x100 TIMES BIGGER is NOT a good thing!

Why is Smaller Better?

Because VPN Monitor Dot uses very little resources when running, it has a much higher chance of staying loaded in memory whenever
Android decides to start killing processes to free up resources. That means VPN Monitor Dot will be able to stick around to help keep you protected.
The last thing you want is for your VPN to crash and never know it because the monitoring app was killed!


  1. *This app does not display any ads. So, if this app does gives you some PEACE OF MIND in protecting your privacy,
    please make a donation (below) to help support new features and important bug fixes.
    Remember, the "other" guy is charging MORE than $20.00/year FOREVER!!!!

    Instead, please tell everyone to visit THIS PAGE so that they will get the latest version of the app
    and will also see the donation button to help support new features!

  1. Download the APK below (or use Downloader Code 912985)
  2. Install the APK on your device
  3. Run the app and click START (you can ignore the older version pop-up)
  4. Make a donation to help add new features :)

Need additional help with installation?
Click here for an easy tutorial from!

To submit suggestions for New Features or Report any bugs, please email me: VPNDOT-COM@MAX-SOFT.COM


paypal email:

Total Donations Made Since Last Goal:


last updated: 2/1/23)


As promised, since 100 Donations were made,
I will now begin working on adding the below NEW features to the app:
  • Auto-Run on bootup/power-on so you won't need to manually "start" the app each time you power on your device
  • Separate adjustable Dot Brightness for the red and green dots so you could
    set the green dot to be dim so it won't be distracting while watching a show,
    and configure the red dot to be bright red so you will immediately notice it if the VPN shuts down!
  • Separate adjustable Dot Blinking Rate for the red and green dots so you can
    make the green dot flash slowly, but have the red dot flash rapidly to bring immediate attention to it

I will also be adding these other features to help polish up the app:

  • Check for program updates and notify you when a new update is available
  • Allow you to download and install an update from within the app so you don't need to revisit this webpage again!
  • Setup new dedicated website with a more modern theme
  • And possible other enhancements like a suggestion submission and bug reporting form, etc.
  • Doing all these extra "touches" takes time, so please extend a little patience for me to complete them
  • Also, the other guy had a couple of years head start working on their app, so I am trying to catch up as fast as I can.
    So, if you do find any bugs, I am very interested in hearing from you - so please send me as much detail as possible
    so that I can reproduce the bug and fix it :)

Future of VPN Monitor Dot ...

I have some really cool ideas going forward for this app. For example, I plan to add the ability to play an alert sound or
allow you to specify a custom phrase for the TTS engine to speak when the VPN connects and/or goes offline...

Hearing the words "Warning, VPN Service Offline!" would definitely get my attention!

... and I have a TON of other CRAZY new ideas for this app!
Stay tuned ...

Note: Typically, when a new app is first announced, donations tend to spike, then quickly drop to a crawl.
So, depending on the amount of future donations, I may need to change the model for newer versions of this app
that will allow me to spend the time needed to keep adding cool new features to it. I hope this will be ok with everyone.
Don't worry, it will NOT be a subscription model and the current version that I am working on now will STAY FREE!

I welcome your thoughts: VPNDOT-COM@MAX-SOFT.COM

Everyone who makes a donation will receive an email notification when the new version is released

Download FREE - VPN Monitor Dot (APK)
for FireTV/AndroidTV/GoogleTV/Tivo4K devices

1/23/23 UPDATE: The promised next free version is currently in a final Beta test phase on our new website at
I want to fully test this new version before sending out a mass-email notifying all donators of the new version